Coffee Charcoal Fabric Technology


Our StayWarm Performance Series is engineered for staying warm, dry, and comfortable. Our COFFEE CHARCOAL™ infused performance fabric acts as a natural heating element. Combined with a wicking heat trap weave, the Coffee Charcoal infused yarn increases skin surface temperatures up to 10 ˚ F keeping you warm, comfortable, and dry.

Fabric care

Liquid Soaps Only I Hand dry all products.

Technology Code

  • SKIN TEMP Increases skin surface temp up to 10˚
  • UV SHIELD White colors UPF 30 Black colors UPF 50
  • QUICK DRY Wicks away moisture and drys quick
  • COFFEE CHARCOAL Stay Warm and Comfortable
  • ANTI ODOR Woven compounds deter microb growth
  • HEAT TRAP Weave keeps you warm and dry
  • uv protection

  • airflow activated

  • Nano infused

  • moisture evaporation

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