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    All NEW Men's Camo styles available now.

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    Women's Tri-Color Compression Pants.

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    All NEW women's Teaberry styles available now.

virus sport compression clothing & tights for men & women

Our sport compression clothing utilises fabrics that can keep you cool, fabrics that can keep you warm, and fabrics that can reduce fatigue

  • Technical fabrics that can improve your fitness and training experience, assisting you to achieve maximum effect in endurance sports
  • Environmentally friendly, UV shield, anti-odour and quick dry are only some of the features we embed in the fabrics of our compression sportswear.
  • endure longer // recover stronger

    shop our collection of compression sportswear including t-shirts, tops, shorts & compression pants

    From training to performing and recovery, VIRUS sport compression clothing is designed to help you in every condition and situation you encounter on your path. We've created a range of scientifically developed compression wear for all types of athletes at all stages of their journey. With features such as 4-way stretch that provides increased mobility and UV shield technology to protect your skin when you're sweating it out outdoors, you'll notice the difference to your routine when you include VIRUS compression wear. Let the innovative technology of VIRUS sportswear help you to improve your individual performance out on the track, in the gym or on the field.

    Featured Collections

    combining technology & performance in compression sportswear

    Fabrics aiding in cooling, heating and recovery have been distinctively paired with patterns that compress, providing superior support and protection for each of our targeted, individual sports categories. Our goal at VIRUS is to assist athletes in their individual pursuit to train, recovery and perform better than ever before. Our cutting-edge fabric is designed to withstand the rigours of hard use and the needs that arise in extreme conditions. This allows our athletes to have technical apparel that keeps up with them. STAYWARM with CoffeeChar, STAYCOOL with CoolJade and Recover with BIOCERAMIC, all with well-built, long-lasting compression wear.

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    Roaring success – Peter Burge on coaching at Richmond

    Roaring success – Peter Burge on coaching at Richmond
    Posted on
    Roaring success - Richmond Football Clubs Physical Performance Manager, Peter Burge talks all things coaching, AFL Premierships and how to get that competitive edge.

    Why the name ‘VIRUS’?

    Why the name ‘VIRUS’?
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    A constant question that we are always asked is ‘Why the name VIRUS?’ so here’s your answer… Passion is what initially started the brand, the dream of one man combined with three different athletes took VIRUS on the road.   A Motocross rider, Stand Up Paddle Boarder and a Combat Fighter took their years of knowledge and […]

    Jen Hughes: Wonder Woman of GW Performance

    Jen Hughes: Wonder Woman of GW Performance
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    Virus talks to our sponsored CrossFit Athlete. Jen Hughes encourages any females thinking of taking up the sport, to do their homework, find a good coach, a good gym that will educate you, and to never settle for second best or feel forced into training where your friends train.

    Chris Medcraft, putting CrossFit Craigieburn on the map

    Chris Medcraft, putting CrossFit Craigieburn on the map
    Posted on 2 comments
    Chris Medcraft talks to Virus about his passion, putting CrossFit Craigieburn on the map and recovery.  While Chris is now incredibly proud of Crossfit Craigieburn, it wasn’t always part of the plan.


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