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Bioceramic Fabric Technology

  • BIOCERAMIC™ Fabric

    Our BioCeramic™ Performance Series was engineered for endurance and recovery. This technology is based on proprietary infused fabric with natural BioCeramic™ compounds that emit Far-Infrared into the skin producing many health benefits. Benefits include improved circulation, repair and regeneration of tissues, and increased immunity.

    Fabric care

    Liquid Soaps Only I Hand dry all products.

    Technology Code

    • BIOCERAMIC Aids in endurance and recovery
    • UV SHIELD White colors UPF 30 Black colors UPF 50
    • RECOVERY benefits muscle fatigue & pain reduction
    • QUICK DRY Wicks away moisture and drys quick
    • ANTI ODOR Woven compounds deter microb growth
    • uv protection

    • airflow activated

    • Nano infused

    • moisture evaporation

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