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Why the name ‘VIRUS’?

Vanessa M

Jun 26, 2018

A constant question that we are always asked is ‘Why the name VIRUS?’ so here’s your answer…

Passion is what initially started the brand, the dream of one man combined with three different athletes took VIRUS on the road.   A Motocross rider, Stand Up Paddle Boarder and a Combat Fighter took their years of knowledge and experience into creating the compression brand. They took their nitty-gritty ideas of perfect active wear and created VIRUS.

These four guys came together with an abundance of passion for sports. Their sports consumed them like an uncontrollable virus. This is where the VIRUS name stems from; the creators of VIRUS were so devoted and consumed by their sports that it resembled a virus, therefore the VIRUS brand fuels their passion.

VIRUS is made by athletes for athletes.

The pursuit of your passion has set you apart. Motivation, dedication and commitment to perfection emerge every time you perform. It leads you to a self-forged satisfaction few will ever know or understand. You are devoted, elevated and inspired bu this passion that is part of you. It is the passion that defines you. Your progression is why we exist.

In a new era of athletic achievement, our performance apparel keeps pace with the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics and bio-mechanical patterning to help push your limits.  From training to performing to recovery, our offerings will help you in every condition and situation you encounter on your path.  VIRUS is here to answer the call of the individual athlete. It’s you VS the world and its elements.


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