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Power up your Posture with X-Form.

Katie M

Feb 16, 2018

Your posture paints a picture of you.

It conveys your mood, personality and it also speaks volumes about how your joints and muscles are working. Underlying weaknesses, restrictions and lack of ability to maintain ‘normal’ posture determine your ability to perform certain types of exercises successfully.

Poor posture can impair your ability to develop muscle symmetry and in a worse case scenario put you at a much greater risk of injury. To get the most out of your training and remain injury free, correct positioning of the shoulder, girdle and spine are essential.

Posture not only affects the way your body mechanics operate, it can also affect your ability to breathe. We need oxygen to survive, to power through a workout, and a constant fresh supply of oxygen is essential to allow our body to repair, regenerate and grow.

With this in mind, VIRUS created ACTION X-FORM. The X-Form reinforcement is designed to provide active posture support and increase lung capacity.

X-Form uses anatomically patterned construction based on muscle mapping and circulation patterns in the body.  Our patented technology gives support to the bodies core, assists in endurance, increased oxygen intake, and allows focus to muscle groups needed for peak performance.

Wear before, during and after training.  Fabricated using Neo Skin panels and flatlock stitching, X-Form is so comfortable you won’t realise the benefits until you take it off.

Designed only on compression products.


  • Reinforces posture
  • Increases lung capacity and efficiency
  • Strengthens weak muscles
  • Increases endurance
  • Reduces types of injury
  • Promotes good form and posture

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