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Dominate in your VIRUS compression shirt & tights

VIRUS has sought to provide the most bleeding edge fabric technology available to the individual athlete. These state of the art fabrics help to strengthen, cool, warm and protect the body, from the first stages of training to competition time. With a strong foundation in performance fabric and active apparel, VIRUS can now bring the best class of product to what we believe is the world's most exciting sports and dynamic athletes. These athletes are pushing the boundaries of the human limit, and VIRUS aims to support them with a comprehensive range of compression shirts, shorts, sleeves and compression tights women can count on to assist in reaching their performance goals. Shop our extensive range of compression fit apparel below, which includes our ever-popular BIOCERAMIC women’s compression tights and STAYCOOL women’s compression tights. Once you’ve selected your ideal VIRUS compression shirt, shorts or tights, you won’t want to train in anything else.


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