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Don Elgin - Motivational speaker

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Throughout my time as an elite athlete representing Australia at Three Paralympic Games I have had the good fortune of many kind sponsors, one thing that sets the team at VIRUS apart is the amazing quality across their entire range, from the stay cool, stay warm series to the hugely beneficial Bioceramic Energy Series. I am yet to wear a product that has not stood up to my expectations. A favourite of mine whilst training for the 2014 Commonwealth Games was the X Form Series it ensured I found and held form throughout my training, with any technical event the key is to maintain good form and X Form series helped me do just that.

My highest praise is saved for the durability of the range, having worn only the VIRUS shorts singlet and or a t-shirt throughout my greatest challenge yet the Kokoda Track I witnessed first hand an unforgiving climate, we started walking the 96km journey at 6.15am each morning and by 6.30am I was covered in sweat, most days I didn’t stop sweating until the end of the day. Every night I’d rinse my kit, ready for the next day. My body took a pounding and so to did my clothing and with all the falls and unimaginable weather conditions the VISUS ranged never faulted.

I’m very privileged to  know the team at VIRUS and honoured to be a VIRUS ambassador.



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