BioCeramic Fabric Technology

Bringing true safe health to humans

Bringing true safe health to humans

Scientists explain that the sun can be broadly classified as “visible light” and “non-visible light.” The wavelength of non-visible light, ranging from 4-400 µm, is called “far infrared.” The tiny range within this spectrum, the wavelength range from 8-14 µm, is called the “ray of life” by some scientists because this section is the wavelength that has been shown to promote biological growth. The wavelength of our bioceramic material narrows in on the most effective section of the “ray of life” band and causes almost miraculous biological responses rarely seen previously. Apart from sunlight energy, far infrared ray may also be weakly mediated by hot sand and radiation from gravel. Far infrared ray is different from microwave, infrared, radio electromagnetic waves, and so on. And although they all belong to non-visible light waves, some of them like the microwave and radio electromagnetic wave are still questionable as to their safety for human beings. Many academic reports are coming out on these relevant topics.

Human body has about 60 trillion cells which are composed of water and protein, and other compositions that include calcium, iron, sodium, potassium and other trace elements. But all in all, water accounts for about 70% of our body weight. Bioceramic material can generate a resonance in water molecules, speeding up the vibratory pattern of water molecules, thus turning ordinary water into activated water. Once the water molecule is activated it can increase the oxygen transportation throughout the body and speed up cell metabolism, eliminate toxins and wastes, promote body growth, improve the microcirculatory system, balance the body’s pH value and so on.

Bioceramic material is a non-drug and non-invasive type of bio-technology; it is new and full of promise that can bring truly safe health benefits to humans and animals alike. The material has undergone many strict tests and experimentation using physical, chemical and biological testing methods. Our research covers not only basic material sciences, but has expanded into material characteristics which resulted in the industrial transformation of material for different applications. All physical, chemical and biological aspects of the material are thoroughly assessed for relevant safety.

Bioceramic material causes increase in regional body temperature, improves red blood cells with lesser viscosity/velocity, and increases regional blood perfusion.

Refrence: Radiologist and physician, Dr.Stephen, Ting-Kai Leung of Medical Imaging (Radiology) Centre of Taipei Medical University Hospital, who spent over Ten years to study the relationship through water and life-energy materials. This is a research and development on the topic of bio-energy, is safe and beneficial to human body.

Reference expertise:

1. Cardiovascular diagnostic imaging (MDCT, cardiac MRI)

2. Breast cancer diagnostic imaging (mammography, breast MRI)

3. Bio-energy Research (biomaterial development, cellular, animal and human test).

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Bringing true safe health to humans

The wavelength of our bioceramic material narrows in on the most effective section of the “ray of life” band and causes almost miraculous biologica...

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